Write For Life: Communicating Your Way
Through Cancer
By David Tabatsky
(Create Space, 2013)

Each day, millions of people face traumatic change, when
everything familiar feels challenged. What if they began
writing about the experience? What if they took better
control by communicating more effectively and expressing
their feelings? What if their struggle becomes a source of
inspiration? Twenty years of research indicates that
expressive writing—dealing with one’s deepest thoughts
and feelings—may contribute to improved physical and
emotional health. Many cancer stories are uplifting while
others are not easy to digest. But all are authentic and
honest, and reflect the staggering reality of the cancer
world. Open your heart. Give writing a chance. Personal
expression can be a gift––for you, and everyone you know.
Welcome to Write for Life.

"David Tabatsky’s energy, commitment and expertise have
enabled cancer patients and survivors to process their
experiences in a new and often healing way."
—Hester Hill Schnipper, Program Manager, Oncology Social
Work, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
The Overparenting Epidemic: Why Helicopter Parenting
Is Bad for Your Kids . . . and Dangerous for You, Too!
By George Glass, M.D. and David Tabatsky
(Skyhorse, 2014)

Helicopter parents, tiger moms, cosseters, hothouse parents.
Whatever we label it, overparenting—anxious, invasive, overly
attentive, and competitive parenting—may have finally backfired. As
the first generation of overparented children become adults, studies
show that when baby boomer parents intervene inappropriately, their
“millennial” children end up ill-behaved, anxious, narcissistic, entitled
youths unable to cope with everyday life. But all of this can be
avoided if parents would just take a giant step back, check their
ambitions at the door, and do what’s really best for their kids. Written
by a noted psychiatrist and a parenting specialist, The Overparenting
Epidemic is a science-based yet humorous and practical book that
features pragmatic, reasonable advice on how to parent children
effectively and lovingly without overdoing it.

"David Tabatsky presented several great talks and workshops last week
[June 2015] at CCI for staff, volunteers cancer patients, caregivers and
survivors. His Write for Life discussions and workshops were inspiring. I
strongly recommend David to other cancer facilities!"
—Emily Pauli, Director of Research at Clearview Cancer Institute, Huntsville, Alabama

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